Qualities of a Good Nursing Home

Qualities of a Good Nursing Home

by Danica T

Most seniors prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home since it allows them to maintain their integrity and independence. However, if that is no longer an option, it may be time to consider the option of a  nursing home. Since not all nursing homes are the same, we have put together the top qualities to look for to help you find the best nursing home of you or your loved one.

1. Safe and Clean Environment
A nursing home is a permanent residence, so if you do not feel safe and comfortable, it probably isn’t a good fit. Make sure that hallways and doorways are clear and the premise is well lit. A clean and orderly environment is essential as well. If something seems like it is neglected, that could translate into the care of the residents as well.

2.  Respect
Residents are treated with respect, no matter what their physical or mental condition may be. Pay attention to how staff are. All staff should be friendly, caring and supportive while providing required care. The privacy of residents should be respected by all staff by doing simple things by knocking on doors before entering and by clear communication of all procedures etc.

3.  Activities
There should be a variety of activities for residents to take part in, both inside the nursing home and in the greater community. Exercise classes, games and dance classes are examples of activities that could be included in the schedule.

4.  Nutritious Food
Make sure the menu includes wholesome foods which will be eaten in a common area (for social interaction). If you or your loved one has special dietary concerns or likes and dislikes, they should be accommodating to this and should be brought up before moving in.

5.  Amenities

Nice extras that nursing homes may provide include exercise rooms, gyms, pools, saunas, and beauty salons and barber shops. Internet access and outside terraces are also becoming the norm.

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