Adult Day Care Centers? 4 Good Reasons You Should Consider One

August 12, 2016

As your parents get older, you’re considering practical options for their long-term well-being. Due to sicknesses and deteriorating health, many senior citizens are no longer able to take care of themselves. You’re considering a nursing home, but you have some reservations about the quality of service and the cost of placing your family member in a facility full time.

What are your options? Have you considered an adult day center?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some reasons why you may consider an adult care center and some of the benefits.

written by contributor Clarke Illmatical

What is Adult Day Care?

It’s a facility that cares for senior citizens during weekdays and operates during normal business hours. In the same manner, you’d consider a day care center for a child, an adult day center is a practical option for an older loved one.

4 Reasons to Consider an Adult Care Center

1. Expenses

In the Active Day, Inc video above, physician Dr. Robert Tracy said “People are starting to be aware of what’s going on. There also looking at the cost of long-term care. And they realize by using adult day care, they can conserve their health care dollars.”

The daily rates for these locations vary depending on services. In addition, these facilities have rates that operate on a sliding scale, adjusting towards what you and your loved one can afford.

2. Social Activities

An adult care center will allow your parent or loved one to spend time with their peers. Participating in organized activities created by the center, this may include: exercise, discussions, therapy, games, crafts and art, entertainment and education.

3. Flexibility

A nursing home provides flexibility for you and your family. Your schedule and finances may only allow you to send your loved one to an adult day center a few times a week. That time, although brief, will allow you to rest and take a break from caring for a senior, which is a full-time job in itself.

In the Active Day video, registered nurse, Carol Hitch gave some advice to families who care for older family members “They need to take care of themselves before they can take care of someone else… (adult day center) sometimes it really helps the family.” Even if it is only a few days a week, that time will allow you to rest and take a break from care for an older one.

4. Health

In addition to the mental benefits, adult day center facilities have a number of programs that keep seniors engaged; mentally and physically. After a full day of activities and stimulation, in many instances, when they return home, older ones rest much better.


Adult day centers are growing in popularity as more families turn to them as a practical option for the care of their parents or older loved one. Using these facilities along with qualified home care attendants will allow you to spend more time with them and positively impact their health long term.

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