Top Life Enhancing Tech Gadgets for Seniors

August 28, 2016

As baby boomers get older, many of them are utilizing technology that will enable them to be more productive at home and in their daily lives. This article will take a look at some specific gadgets and technology that can enhance the lives of seniors.

Tom Scheve, a contributor for, spoke on the power of the baby boomer demographic,

“Just because the boomers are not retiring from the workplace in droves doesn’t mean they’re easing into a rocking-chair life, or that they’ve lost any of their influence or commercial appeal. In fact, when it comes to technology, businesses are realizing that the baby boomer demographic — which has at times been overlooked when it comes to the > marketing of new technologies — is actually a goldmine of active and potential tech customers.”

Smart Phones

One of the most useful pieces of technology for seniors is the smartphone. Below we highlight the top 3 easy to operate smartphones and their benefits for baby boomers:

1. Doro 824 SmartEasy — Simplified design, bright display, and large icons. One special feature which is ideal for seniors is the emergency contact button on the back of the phone that dials a predetermined contact.

2. Jitterbug Smart — Simplified user software which will enable ease of use, large display (5.5-inch screen) and health and safety apps built it.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note5 —unlike the other 2 this smartphone is not specifically designed for seniors but it’s unique large 5.7-inch screen and an “easy” mode setting that simplifies the home screen layout and increases the icon and font size makes it a good option.

Computers and Tablets

Seniors need computing devices that are user-friendly and don’t require too much customization. Jim T. Miller, creator of, recommends the Telikin a touch screen computer which specializes in ease of use. The highlight is the Tech Buddy software which enables loved ones access to your computer when they need to make updates for you.

If you’re interested in a tablet, consider the Claris Companion which features amplified sound, huge text buttons, a large display, and thick frame, making it easy to hold. In addition it doubles as a mobile phone, digital picture frame, and passive monitoring device which gives loved ones the ability to easily monitor.

The Internet and Social Media

A smartphone or computer will provide access to the technology that has become increasing popular with seniors. Huffington Post contributor and registered nurse, Anita Kamiel, points out that baby boomers enjoy using Facebook, Skype and other facets of social media. She also mentions that online activity contributes towards productivity and allow seniors to easily connect to loved ones.

According to a Michigan State study seniors who use the internet are 30% less prone to depression.

Medication Monitors

“By age 70, people are taking an average of 12 medications a day. The inability to take them unsupervised accounts for up to 40% of nursing home admissions,” says Jennifer Jolly the host of USA TODAY’s Tech Now. There are many medication monitors and automatic pill reminders available on the market. These devices offer many features including reminders for when to take pills, tracking when medications were last taken, automatically dispensing all the right pills at the right time and even alerting a dispatcher when medications haven’t been taken.

Even More Great Tech for Seniors

Jolly’s USA TODAY: TECH NOW feature on the best new tech to help aging parents offers more info and several other useful devices including activity tracking systems, GPS tracking in-soles and robotic vacuums.


As our loved ones enter their golden years, we should view technology and technical devices enablers helping them live more productive lives and function as independently as possible.

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