Time For Some Help

January 8, 2013

Given the choice, most seniors would prefer to continue living in their own homes, also known as “aging in place”, remaining independent without intervention from others. This population is the fastest growing group in North America, and also at the highest risk for needing care. Medical science is preventing early sudden deaths, which means elders are living longer with impaired health and greater risk of needing long-term care. Unfortunately, many lose the ability to function on their own and require additional help at home, therefore keep an eye for the following signs, as it may prompt you to consider a retirement home.


The lack of mobility can be a big indicator that living at home is not only very difficult but also dangerous. If your loved one finds it difficult to sit/stand up from a chair or get up and down the stairs, it shows the lack of strength in their legs and arms which can prove to be extremely dangerous. Nursing homes have wheelchairs and walkers that you can use to easily get around. Some nursing homes are also designed in a way such that there is plenty of space for you to easily navigate through without encountering any obstacles.


Is your loved one forgetting how to do things that you normally wouldn't forget such as turning off the stove, flushing when coming out of the bathroom, taking the correct pills etc. This is a sign that they are losing their memory. It could be due to Alzheimer's which is quite common for elderly people. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you consider a nursing home for your loved one because their memory loss is not going to get better, it will only get worse. Eventually they will lose enough memory to not be able to recognise their loved ones anymore. Most nursing homes cater specifically to people with such diseases and at this time in their lives, it is their best option.


It is not uncommon nowadays for seniors to be living away from their loved ones. This is the case with most families as their children live away from home and close to their workplaces. Living alone can be difficult, especially when you don’t have anything to do during the day. If you feel that your loved one is feeling lonely, it is best to consider a nursing home. There is plenty of people their age your loved one can socialize with and nursing homes usually have daily activities that they can enjoy.

Poor Medication Management

The inability to carefully manage your medication can be a indicator that you loved one needs a lot of attention. Forgetting to take their medication on time, overdosing or not taking the correct medication can lead to serious health risks. Almost all nursing homes have systems in place to make sure you take the correct medication and on time.

If you have an elderly relative staying with your family, see if you can afford having a housesitter watch after them during short family vacations as well.

The symptoms above are just some of the signs that indicate that your loved one needs help. Do not ignore these signs as they can prove extremely serious, it could even mean life and death. It will be difficult for you and your loved ones to make this transition but in the long run it is will prove to be the best option.

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