The Toll of Caregiving

September 26, 2012

What we would like to do for our seniors and what we are able to do on a long term basis are often two very different realities.

What is very important is knowing when to ask for help and to do so without guilt. It is not a sign of weakness!

The burden of caring for a loved one can be enormous.

Financial sacrifices can include the following:

  • Less leisure time and holidays
  • Less saving for the future
  • Depletion of accumulated savings
  • Decreased spending on clothing, groceries and transportation

Emotionally the following might occur:

  • Increased stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • New or worsening health problems
  • Feelings of resentment

Time is the most expensive commodity you can provide for your loved one – it has no price tag and is given willingly, but it is important that you evaluate your emotional and financial reserves honestly before they are depleted.

Reach out to and get the compassionate support you need and deserve for your own health and sanity. It is the best solution for everyone.

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