The 8 Best Apps for Seniors

August 5, 2015

It’s no secret that technology has been immensely beneficial in helping us in our modern day lives, and it’s certainly hard to imagine how we would go about our daily tasks without it. Although it seems like the younger generations are often the ones who use it most, technology can still be equally beneficial (and used by) the older population. 

We’ve put together a list of the best apps for seniors and we hope you try them out!

Senior Discount Applications

  • Senior Savings ($0.99; iOS version)

Senior Savings allows you to get discounts on over 100 places such as restaurants, groceries, travel, entertainment and more. Senior Savings collected 200+ places that offers discount for seniors, starting at the age of 50 years old, and it organizes them for you.

  • LowRx (free; iOS Version)

LowRx is a medication app that is used to have discounts up to 75% on your next prescription at any US pharmacy including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and RiteAid to save money for FREE.

Pill Reminder/Tracker Application

  • Pillboxie ($0.99; iOS Version, Android Version)

Pillboxie is the convenient way to remember your medications and supplements. To schedule your pill you easily need to drop the pill to the pillbox on the application.

  • Dosecast (free; iOS Version, Android Version)

Dosecast is a free app that reminds you to take your medications and vitamins. You are able to take the right drug with Dosecast the right way, at the right time everyday every time.

Blood Pressure Tracker Applications

  • HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker ($0.99; iOS Version, Android Version)

HeartWise is easy to use and has fully capable feature that enable you to export your data and send it on your doctor or nurse. You just need to touch the button and it will give you detailed chart and statistical reports that reveal the trends of your blood pressure and your health.

  • Blood Pressure Companion (free; iOS Version, Android Version)

Blood Pressure Companion is a free tracker of your blood pressure and weight. Keeping track of your blood pressure is a good habit to make you remain healthy. You can also share the measurements with your doctor.

Games/Entertainment Applications

  • Senior Games – Exercise Your Mind While Having Fun ($1.99; iOS Version)

Keep your brain working with these 8 simple games yet fun brain exercises. You will be able to enhance your skills – calculus, focus, association and memory while having fun with their entertaining games.

  • Yesterday USA – Old Time Radio (free; iOS Version, Android Version)

This app will be recognized by many seniors, since the radio covers music from the 1920 – 1950s. If you are a big fan of old time radio, this is probably for you!

There are many cool apps out there, let us know if you try these or come across any others you think we should know about! 

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