Registered Nurse Vs Caregiver - Recognize the Difference

June 10, 2015

The responsibilities of a registered nurse and a caregiver may appear to be same, but in fact, there are many differences between them. Caregivers are uncertified professionals, while registered nurses possess more educational qualification which gives them the ability to perform more medical tasks for aging individuals..

Here are some of the differences.

Education and Training

Registered Nurse - To work as a registered nurse aide, it’s necessary to have a GED or a high school diploma. Besides this, candidates are ought to take a training of 75 to 100 hours duration.

Caregiver - To work as a caregiver one does not necessarily need any formal training beyond basic CPR and emergency preparedness. The main qualities for success are a caregiver are patience and compassion.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Registered Nurse - Offer medical care to clients such as measuring vital statistics of the patient, administering and monitoring medications, controlling infections and open wounds and dealing with end of life care as well.

Caregiver- They perform non-medical tasks and are hired to take care of those patients who require limited assistance. They help elderly clients with activities of daily living such as cooking, getting dressed, driving. cleaning and personal hygiene.

Work Opportunities

Registered Nurse - They have a lot of work alternatives. Nursing assistants can work in hospitals, assisted living facilities, hospices, residential care centers, retirement centers, clinics, day care facilities, doctor’s offices, and patient’s homes.

Caregiver - They have less working alternatives. They are generally hired to work at patient’s home

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