Gifts from the Heart for Mother's Day

May 8, 2015

With Mother's Day almost upon us, most of us are scrambling to find just the right gift for our moms. Long gone are the ideas of chocolates and a store-bought card being adequate. Indeed, figuring out what can appropriately express our love and appreciation to our mom is one of the toughest gifts we will give all year.

As our mothers age, it can become more and more difficult to find the right gift for someone who has collected a lifetime of presents. Of course, the debate between the tangible gift versus the intangible gift is bound to come up, and there are good choices on both sides of this argument.

Some ideas that should bring a smile:

Time together…what does your mother love?

    • dinner out or dinner (her favourite) prepared together for her at home
    • movie, theatre or art gallery visit
    • trip to stroll in public gardens
    • a drive in the city or country
    • a picnic
    • a visit with other relatives not often seen

Time to help

    • work in the garden
      • plant flowers, flower baskets or a tree
      • if in a care facility buy flowers and arrange together
    • odd jobs that have been lingering
      • moving heavy objects
      • repairs
      • tidy up
    • computer help…even many seniors are very computer savvy

Revisit memories

    • work on a photo scrapbook together
    • build a family tree
    • convert old family movies to DVD's and enjoy together
    • create a collage of family pictures

Buy a gift…the reliable tangibles

    • make a calendar, mug, or album with family photos (easily done online)
    • go on a shopping trip together to choose a gift
    • consumables such as a basket of cheese, crackers, jelly etc.
    • a fruit bouquet or basket
    • a spa treatment inside or outside the home
    • a subscription to a favourite magazine

No matter what you choose, moms cherish gifts from their children. Your choice will depend on your resources both of time and money. But one thing is for sure, you will never disappoint your mother as long as you remember her on her special day. Don't ever discount a hug!!

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