5 Tips On Writing a Recommendation

June 8, 2015

Most of us have great colleagues, employees, and friends who we would happily recommend if asked. The problem, however, is that taking the time to write a good recommendation without sounding too cheesy takes more time than you think.

That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 tips to turn this task into a 5 minute process.

1) Explain the Nature of Your Relationship
This is a great way to start the recommendation and gives the reader some context as to how you know each other. Whether it’s a coworker you worked with closely, a past client, or just a friend, it helps the reader learn why you’re writing this in the first place.

2) Provide Detail
It’s important to cover (at a minimum) what they do and what makes them different or the best.

3) Be Genuine
Avoid using generalities like “Anna is a great person!”. Use  specific examples to bring the person to life and give the reader an idea of what they are like.

4) Indicate How Their Contribution Mattered
This is where you can all about how their hard work helped achieve specific targets or goals, or perhaps how their positive attitude motivates others.

5) End With a Personal Touch
Close the message with a mention of how you personally feel/felt about working with this person and your hopes for their career or future endeavors.

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