5 Things to Do Before Hiring Senior Care

December 30, 2015

Before you begin looking for care for a senior, you need to determine the level of care that they need. Do they just need someone to help with daily needs like groceries and transportation to and from appointments? Or do they need a caregiver that can help with bathing, lifting and other medical needs. As well, if you suspect there health is going to worsen you may want to hire a more experienced caregiver to ensure that you are not having to switch caregivers.


Is the senior accepting that they need help? This can be a very difficult stage for them. Always have them in the loop with the decisions. Usually the senior want to stay in their own home.

Many seniors are on a very fixed budget. Determine their other living expenses and other costs. As well, if there are children or other family members that are going to assist with the costs. Knowing how much money is available will help you determine the wage and hours that you can afford.

In different areas of Canada, it can sometimes be difficult to find a caregiver that actually has a car. Are you willing to let her drive the vehicle that belongs to the senior? If so, the insurance policy may need to be adjusted.

Determine in advance who will be charge of communication and paying the caregiver.

Once everything is determined sit down with the senior and determine duties. Develop a job description and give yourself time to find the perfect caregiver.

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