12 Mind Sharpening Games for Seniors

January 1, 1970

Seniors nationwide are getting their game on in an exciting new way: on handheld senior living tablets. But it’s not just fun and games. Research shows that video games can lower a senior’s risk of dementia and depression, while promoting cognitive function. Discover 12 brain-boosting games that can be downloaded onto senior living tablets today.

3 Ways to Bring Senior Living Tablets Into Your Residence

1) Create a Club
The first option is to create a club for tech-forward seniors. They bring their own tablets to the meetup, and your staff helps them download games onto their senior living tablets.

2) Offer Tablets to Residents
Other senior living communities are offering basic tablets: like Apple iPads or Samsung tablets to residents. Some communities may pre-download games and apps onto the tablets. However, seniors may unknowingly download viruses instead of an app (it could happen to anyone!). Plus, some games are simply not meant for seniors. They may be too violent, complex, or hard to see.

3) Bring in a Complete Solution
The best option is to partner with a company like Buzztime that specializes in senior living tablets for games and entertainment. These tablets wirelessly connect to an internal gaming network – not the Internet. It keeps seniors safe from hackers or viruses, and ensures uninterrupted gaming. Tablets come pre-loaded with digital arcade games and connect players to a nationwide trivia network for interactive competitions 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. Tablets can be stored in charging racks in common areas, so residents (and visitors) can grab a tablet and start playing.

Word Games for the Win

Word games on senior living tablets are a fun way for seniors to expand their vocabulary while exercising their mind. Most word games are for solo gameplay. But surprisingly, Georgia Institute of Technology research shows that even when digital games are played alone, seniors benefit from improved wellbeing and social function.

1. Scrabble Twist
This app is based on the classic Scrabble game (or, the more recent version, Words with Friends). Your residents are provided with a set amount of letters that they can arrange into words for points. The best part of this app? The larger font and easy-to-use interface make it a perfect fit for senior living tablets.

2. Word Search Games
Who doesn’t enjoy a good word search? This one is pretty impressive, especially because it provides word searches in five different languages: English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. If you happen to have any multi-lingual residents, they’ll appreciate this inclusive word game on your senior living tablets.

3. The Wordies
A cross between a puzzle and a word search, this game is included on Buzztime senior living tablets in the digital arcade. It’s challenging for “wordies” of all ages, so grandparents can challenge their grandkids in a friendly battle.

4. AARP Crossword
Residents who are crossword fans will love this app for senior living tablets. Designed by the AARP, this crossword game was created with seniors in mind. Players can even see how their scores stack up against others.

Role Player Games (RPGs)

RPGs are what most people think of when they hear the word “gaming.” However, role-playing games aren’t just for teenagers. These immersive games have been proven to benefit seniors. Consider adding RPGs to your senior living tablets. According to a study by McMaster University in Toronto, RPGs like Halo and Call of Duty helped to improve the vision of seniors with cataracts while promoting a healthy brain. Most RPGs are first-person shooter challenges. Seniors must be on the lookout for enemies, causing their eyes to rapidly move back and forth. RPGs on senior living tablets can give senior eyes – and minds – a great workout! A quick note: some RPGs are on the violent side. Use caution when integrating RPGs onto your senior living tablets.

4. Call of Duty
One of the original RPGs, Call of Duty puts players right on the battlefield. From WWII combat to fighting zombies, this realistic game lets players pick their battles. The original Call of Duty games versions are played on video game consoles like Xbox, but there are app versions available for download onto senior living tablets.

5. Deer Hunter
Give your residents the chance to hunt across the world, without leaving their chair. Avid hunters can seek out animals from bears to deer in different settings on senior living tablets. To keep things interesting, Deer Hunter gives gamers daily quests – it’s a great way to keep seniors challenged and excited about their next hunt.

6. World of Warcraft (WoW)
If residents are fans of fantasy, this is a good option for your senior living tablets. Unlike the high-speed action that most RPGs are known for, WoW is more like a “choose-your-own-adventure” game. Players can meet up with others in the virtual world and form a team to go on quests together.

Trivia Games Are the Answer

Looking to turn your senior living tablets up a notch? Just add trivia. With plenty of categories and games to choose from, your residents can show of their knowledge of history, pop culture, geography, and more. Trivia requires seniors to use their “memory muscles” to recall facts and knowledge. And once you get some friendly competition going with a live trivia tournament, trivia games can also foster social connections (important for warding off depression).

7. Trivial Pursuit
The iconic trivia card game goes digital! This online game can be accessed through computers or senior living tablets. Pulling content from the official Trivial Pursuit catalog, your residents can test their knowledge in 13 different categories.

8. Buzztime Trivia
Buzztime takes trivia to a new level. First, Buzztime senior living tablets connect residents to a nationwide trivia network. Dozens of trivia games – covering categories from sports to history – run all day long, so residents can join in the fun whenever they’re feeling competitive. Buzztime senior living tablets can even be used as scoring devices in a live trivia event…hosted by you! Residences throughout the country are running trivia events at their facilities. Some even use the events as prospecting opportunities, inviting seniors in to see what life is like at the residence.

9. AARP Trivia Games and Quizzes
AARP offers trivia, too. Residents can access the website via their senior living tablets and select a trivia category. Like Buzztime Trivia, AARP updates their games frequently, so seniors can test their knowledge on topics ranging from last week’s baseball game to just-released movies.

Brain Fitness Games

Research proves the physical benefits for seniors who game. But like any muscle, the brain needs exercise. These games are designed to give senior minds a thorough workout – from memory training to mental strengthening. (Yes, it’s like a gym for the brain!)

10. Lumosity
Created by scientists and game designers, Lumosity games on senior living tablets are both fun and beneficial for seniors. It starts with a Fit Test to assess a player’s starting point. Then, players complete daily mental workouts that will adapt to their skill level. Seniors can compare their scores to others of the same age, to see where they stand.

11. Cognifit
Like Lumosity, Cognifit is designed to improve cognitive function. However, it also provides a screening tool to assess any disorder or mental alteration. Once a player completes an assessment, they are given a personalized training program with games that stimulate mental activity and improve brain plasticity. There are many helpful apps for seniors that can be downloaded on their personal devices: from digital medicine reminders to email-made-simple. But digital games on senior living tablets deliver the biggest win-win. Seniors get to enjoy thrilling entertainment, while keeping their minds sharp and healthy.

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